Apparel Based Fundraising

Our apparel based fundraising program empowers organizations to leverage the strength of their community. We partner with organizations to make custom apparel for their members to order.

Instead of having to order a bulky custom apparel order up front, we partner with you to list your organization's design on our site and collect apparel orders from members of your community on a rolling basis. We charge no set-up costs or hidden fees, instead a portion of every sale gets sent back to your organization!

This means that you can spend less time collecting shirt sizes and more money on the things that are important to your community!

We took out all the stops. We offer: 

  • No cost to our partnering organization
  • No minimum order size
  • Organizations earn money starting with the first unit sold
  • Unlimited number of design listings
    (If you can't pick between two designs, let your members pick for themselves!)