(really just an homage to Wayne's World)

I am the Tommy behind the WARES and I'm more a photographer than anything else. 
Photographers love classics and I love tee shirts. I've been wearing them practically my whole life.

I made a pledge to myself: No more sweat shop shirts. 
Sure they might cost more but now people can afford feed their families. 
Think about that the next time you buy a piece of clothing. 

I see shirts as a canvas for my artwork which means that quality matters. 
I wanted my canvas to be made with love out of the finest materials so I went to New York.

I found a good old fashioned mom and pop Union shop called Royal who make the most eco friendly shirts in the biz. Now my dark artists and I hand press our prints on shirts made from viscose Bamboo.

Our shirts stand for something. WARES:
Wrinkled, Authentic, Recreational, Experimental Shirts.

Here are some shots: 


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