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My name is Tommy and I've been playing with cameras since I was I too little to really understand what they even did. I just thought it was fun to line everything up in the viewfinder and press the trigger when it looked perfect. 

After I graduated high school, I started taking my DSLR everywhere I went so I could satisfy my photographic needs any time. Images were my obsession and eventually it led me to meeting and shooting with more people than I could have ever hoped. 

I've shot with a few clothing brands, the Smith School of Business, the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, and a few dozen other companies. A few of my shots even ended up in different articles on the Baltimore Sun. 

My shirts are union made in America on a sustainably sourced organic bamboo / organic cotton blend but I'm not here to sell you shirts right now.  Tommy WARES has been featured as a finalist in the Do Good Challenge at University of Maryland and has participated in the Terp Startup Accelerator for Entrepreneurship but that the moment we are taking a break from apparel.

I'm passionate about educating others about the exploitative production practices in the apparel industry. It just seems really messed up to me that the industry has continued to profit off hurting people and polluting the planet and this has been seen as the norm for decades. 

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